Drift and Gymkhana Trials Association -
Who We Are and What We Do:

Mission Statement

DGTrials was formed with one central goal in mind - to increase awareness and participation in modern forms of motorsport through event promotion, retail sales of aftermarket tuning parts, merchandising, and, ultimately, through partnerships with other like-minded organizations and individuals.

D is for Drifting
There are many misconceptions about the sport of drifting. Drifting is not simply sliding a car’s tail out under power in the middle of or after a turn. Drifting is not simply spinning your tires. Drifting is not doing "donuts". The loss of traction alone does not mean that you are drifting. Drifting is not simply a technique to be applied – there is a mentality involved as well. Drifting, in the simplest sense, is the use of an intentional controlled slide to navigate around a turn. When used on a circuit, street course, or mountain pass, it can ultimately lead to complex strings of multi-directional slides that use a variety of techniques to maintain extreme oversteer. The pure essence of drifting is to never appear to have control of the vehicle, while always having complete control over the vehicle!

G is for Gymkhana
At first glance, a gymkhana looks like an autocross – cones, timing equipment, a pre-defined course, cars and drivers. This is where the similarities end. Gymkhana is more like an automotive obstacle course than an autocross. Where an autocross emphasizes fluid motion and finding the limits of traction without exceeding them to achieve the fastest time around a predefined course (much like a smaller version of a road racing circuit), gymkhana emphasizes course memorization, driving techniques and vehicle momentum. Complex, tight maps constructed in small areas guide drivers through 360s around pointer cones, loop-back slaloms and handbrake turns - the list of obstacles is long and the difficulty high. A winning gymkhana car could be a high powered rear drive car like a 240SX or RX7, but it could just as easily be a small and agile front drive car like a Mini Cooper or Honda Civic. Anything can happen at a gymkhana event, so preparation and a sharp mind are key because sometimes getting the course right is the most difficult part!

Trials are for testing
\Tri"al\, n. [From Try.] The act of trying or testing in any manner. Specifically: Any effort or exertion of strength for the purpose of ascertaining what can be done or effected. The trials portion of our name is indicative of our drive to hold competitive events. However, DGTrials realizes that in order to have good competition, there is a need for good competitors. For that reason, DGTrials dedicates itself to developing and nurturing a solid grassroots population that will develop and promote competition. DGTrials will announce competitive events tailored to driver skill levels at any given time. DGTrials will also expand its competitions to include additional forms of motorsport that it becomes involved in.

The Drift and Gymkhana Trials Association was established with the initial goal of making drifting and gymkhana more accessible to enthusiasts. DGTrials also aims to enhance the image of drifting in the US, bringing it to the level of other popular forms of motorsport. In addition to drifting, DGTrials plans to create a complete gymkhana series similar to events that one might see in Japan.

DGTrials aims to lead in the development of grassroots movements, by supporting enthusiasts and developing rules and regulations to govern their activities to provide safe and enjoyable automotive fun for those who wish to participate. As DGTrials grows and evolves, our short-term objectives may change, but our mission will never waiver – we are serious about innovation in motorsports.

Slide or Die!!!

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